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Writing for ME.

Ever since I was a little girl I loved to write stories.

Made up stories that were for my eyes only.

But, along the way I lost this love of writing.

Somewhere in between being told I wasn’t talented enough and writing for the approval of others.

We so easily can turn the thing we love into a chore, a dreaded task that never meets the expectations of others.

Writing what I thought I should write instead of how I wanted to write left me feeling unfulfilled and uninterested.

So, how did I find this love of writing again?

Well… I sort of didn’t.

I started a podcast that allows me to connect, discuss and share my thoughts with others.

I created an Instagram to go alongside it

and the next thing I knew I was enjoying the process of writing captions for my posts.

So, naturally, I kept making posts and writing captions and it wasn’t until recently that I realized that this is a form of writing!

I am writing again and I am enjoying it!

Wanna know why?

Because I literally do not give a crap if anyone likes what I wrote on those captions or how many likes the post is getting.

I am writing because I LIKE IT.

I am writing when I feel inspired by a thought or a moment.

Which leads me to this Blog.

I am here to write, to share and to connect with you.

But, most importantly I am here because it is not to meet the expectations or likes of someone else.

I hope you continue doing what lights you up.


Hi, thanks for stopping by!

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